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China’s Vaccine Crisis

Reports of ineffective vaccines given to thousands of children have sparked uproar in China. What does this mean for public perception of vaccines?

When Global Philanthropy Fails

Philanthropy can lead to unintended consequences. How can Americans work to tackle the roots of international issues by donating money effectively?

In the Aftermath of the Storm

The World’s Response to Hurricane Matthew by Nikita Bhasin When Hurricane Matthew shook Haiti in October, its disastrous effects broke families and ravaged communities. Early in the month, death tolls were over 500. Thousands of homes were destroyed, displacing more than 140,000 people. It is

Canada vs. America

A Health Care System Showdown by Zoe So A few summers ago, I was vacationing in San Francisco with my family when I got a sore throat. We went to a doctor to get it checked out, and on our way out, we were hit with


Increasing Zika Virus Outbreaks

A Global Threat by Amy Chang There has been a recent outbreak of a dangerous virus carried by the Aedes mosquito, the Zika virus. It is most commonly found in communities with poor living conditions and health hazards, causing the symptoms of fever, itchy skin,

Living With Malaria

by Sean Conners Responsible for over 600,000 deaths each year, malaria is the number 1 killer worldwide. Having learned about the disease in almost every public health lecture at Cal, I came to Tanzania with an abundant supply of malaria prophylaxis, bug spray, and long-sleeve shirts and