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Let’s Make a Human: CRISPR

Imagine a world in which humans could create anything they wanted. From robotic human automation to geoengineering capabilities, technology and science is now bringing the world closer to these possibilities than ever before.


The Health of the Homeless

Any student, faculty member, staff member or visitor to UC Berkeley can easily see the vast amount of individuals experiencing homelessness. Southside, the area of Berkeley directly south of the university campus, is home to a large proportion of the city’s homeless population, who live


The Mass Incerceration Problem

Addressing the Mental Health of Inmates by Aashna Mehta Kayla Moore, a Berkeley resident who faced schizophrenia, had an unfortunate encounter with the Berkeley Police Department that resulted in her untimely death. She had stopped taking her medication and instead of dealing with this problem


The Dataless Fight Back

Examining the Impacts of CA Assembly Bill 1726 by Cassidy Farrow Intelligent, healthy, successful — all stereotypes used to define Asian Americans. The model minority myth—the notion that a specific minority group sets an example of success for other minorities to follow—pertains to those groups

Health and Education

by Jacob Demé While health education falls within a diverse spectrum of public services to improve a community, its full potential for positive change has been lost in the tumultuous political struggle that permeates a developed society. For many government agencies, determining the efficient allocation

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Painkillers: Regulations and Recommendations

By Nisha Chandra Last month, the FDA made a recommendation to change the way doctors prescribe hydrocodone painkillers. These painkillers are the highest prescribed medications in the US and include narcotics like Vicodin, which are legal but highly addictive. These types of painkillers have long been a