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Overhead view of a group of people sit around a table at a meeting with laptops and notepads in front of them.

Cultural Competency Training: Importance and Critiques

A current UC Berkeley student, who chooses to remain anonymous, is in a session with a counselor at the Tang Center, the hub of university health services. She tells her counselor that her mother disowned her, and that she now lives on her own with

A large number of gold-colored bullets.

A Public Health Perspective on Gun Violence

In recent years, gun violence has quickly become one of the most fiercely debated topics across the nation. Understandably, the topic is deeply personal for many. As heartbreaking acts of violence have taken their tolls worldwide, people are desperate for solutions. Gun violence touches many

A factory emitting a smoke-like substance is silhouetted in a sunset.

Air Pollution: A Lurking Issue

This article was originally published in our Spring 2019 print issue. Pollution and climate change have been hot topics in public discussion for many years. They’re often used as buzzwords in popular media and literature, but they conceal pressing issues that often go unnoticed, lurking

An illustration depicting a crowd of queer people on the right side and a group of signs on the left side reading "Why should I believe you?", "God hates fags", and "No Access to hormone Treatment".

Queer, Here, and Mistreated: LGBTQIA+ Disparities in Health

This article was originally published in our Spring 2019 print issue. In the last few decades, major strides have been taken towards improving the rights of LGBTQIA+ communities. Over 25 countries have legalized same-sex marriage in the past twenty years. University students study the rich

A hand injects a needle into a vial.

The Rise of Vaccine Hesitancy

This article was originally published in our Spring 2019 print issue. Vaccine hesitancy, the reluctance to be vaccinated, has garnered a lot of press in recent years due to multiple measles outbreaks in the United States (CDC). Traditional news outlets portray vaccine hesitancy as a