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The Needle Exchange Program Crisis

In the last two decades, needle exchange programs have slowly become more prevalent across the United States, and they have been shown to significantly impact bloodborne pathogens. Unfortunately, the lack of federal organization and the stigma surrounding these programs do not bode well for effectively addressing bloodborne illnesses.


Let’s Make a Human: CRISPR

Imagine a world in which humans could create anything they wanted. From robotic human automation to geoengineering capabilities, technology and science is now bringing the world closer to these possibilities than ever before.


Immunity in the College Environment

Every year, students leave for college and say goodbye to their parents, often resulting in an additional farewell to their health. Without their parents’ constant nagging to take vitamins and dress warmly, many college students end up prioritizing other tasks over their own health. Homesickness

Norovirus Outbreak at UC Berkeley

by Erica Munson Midterm season is a common time for students to be stressed out, having little capacity to focus on anything but studying. Ironically, by centering their attention solely upon their studies, students can forget to take care of their health and end up

Living With Malaria

by Sean Conners Responsible for over 600,000 deaths each year, malaria is the number 1 killer worldwide. Having learned about the disease in almost every public health lecture at Cal, I came to Tanzania with an abundant supply of malaria prophylaxis, bug spray, and long-sleeve shirts and

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The HPV Vaccine and California By Kevin Yuan Genital human papilloma virus, also called HPV, is by far the most common sexually transmitted infection, especially in the United States. There are more than a hundred strains of the virus, where less than half cause some form