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Acting After #MeToo

Even though the #MeToo movement has gained considerable traction and support since its inception, coming forward takes an incredible amount of courage due to institutional and environmental factors in areas such as entertainment, the workplace, and higher education. While starting and perpetuating conversations is an excellent way to get started, it’s only the beginning of the solution.

The Needle Exchange Program Crisis

In the last two decades, needle exchange programs have slowly become more prevalent across the United States, and they have been shown to significantly impact bloodborne pathogens. Unfortunately, the lack of federal organization and the stigma surrounding these programs do not bode well for effectively addressing bloodborne illnesses.


The Dataless Fight Back

Examining the Impacts of CA Assembly Bill 1726 by Cassidy Farrow Intelligent, healthy, successful — all stereotypes used to define Asian Americans. The model minority myth—the notion that a specific minority group sets an example of success for other minorities to follow—pertains to those groups