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Generations of Hurt, and Healing

This article was originally published in our Fall 2021 print issue. There are certain traits that you can inherit from your parents, grandparents, and the generations before you. These traits can manifest themselves in easily visible features, like hair color, while others are less visually

The Undiagnosed Majority

The smell of alcohol fills the air. The sounds of people coughing fill the otherwise quiet room. A man with drooping dark circles patiently waits for his doctor to arrive. Lately, he has been feeling drained and has trouble focusing on his job. Suspecting the

Health and Happiness

Can You Have Both? by Simran Bajwa If I was in a room with 100 random UC Berkeley undergraduates, and I asked them to raise their hand if they were healthy, how many hands do you think would be raised? If you then asked them